May 9, 2013


Hugo Gernsback

Short Wave Craft was one of a stable of magazines published by Hugo Gernsback, who made significant contributions to the growth of early broadcasting.

The magazine was published in the 1930's and sponsored an organization called the Short Wave League. It featured construction projects, articles on the future of communications, station logs, reader correspondence - and colorful cover art.  

Gernsback's other publications included:
  • Radio and Television
  • Radio-Craft — July 1929 to June 1948 — became Radio-Electronics
  • Radio Electronics — July 1948 to January 2003
  • Radio Electronics Weekly Business Letter
  • Radio Listeners Guide and Call Book 
  • Radio News — July 1919 (as Radio Amateur News) to July 1948
  • Radio Program Weekly
  • Radio Review
  • Science and Invention — formerly Electrical Experimenter. Published August 1920 to August 1931.
  • Science and Mechanics — originally Everyday Mechanics. Changed to Everyday Science and Mechanics in 1931. "Everyday" dropped as March 1937 issue. Published as Science and Mechanics until 1976.

He also started WRNY, a New York City radio station that operated from 1925 to 1934. It was one of the first stations to have regularly scheduled experimental television broadcast starting in August 1928, according to Wikipedia.

However, Gernsback is best remembered as a science fiction writer and publisher of the magazines Amazing Stories and Wonder Stories. Today, the World Science Fiction Convention's annual awards are named "The Hugos" in Gernsback's honor.

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